Steven Seagal Filmography

  • Steven Seagal
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Steven Seagal
    • Birth Date : April 10, 1951
    • Birth Place : Lansing, Michigan, USA
    • Spouse : Miyako Fujitani (1975 - 1986), Adrienne La Russa (1984 - 1984, annulled), Kelly LeBrock (September 5, 1987 - 1996)
    • Claim to Fame : As Casey Ryback in "Under Siege" (1992)
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  • Code of Honor2016 stars as Special Forces colonel
  • Absolution (2015) stars as John Alexander
  • Gutshot Straight (2014) stars as Paulie Trunks
  • A Good Man2014 VI stars as Alexander
  • Force of Execution (2013) stars as Thomas Douglas
  • Maximum Conviction (2012) stars as Cross
  • Sheep Impact2011 stars as Paul Wieland
  • Machete (2010) stars as Lord Torrez
  • Born to Raise Hell2010 stars as Robert 'Bobby' Samuels
  • True Justice2010 TV stars as Elijah Kane
  • The Keeper2009 stars as Rolland Sallinger
  • Against the Dark2009 VI stars as Tao
  • Pistol Whipped2008 VI aka The Marker (International: English title) stars as Matt Conlin
  • Kill Switch2008 VI stars as Det. Jacob King
  • The Onion Movie2008 aka News Movie (UK: DVD title) stars as Cock Puncher
  • Urban Justice2007 VI aka Renegade Justice (UK: DVD title) stars as Simon Ballister
  • Once Upon a Time in the Hood2007 stars as Simon
  • Flight of Fury2007 VI stars as John Sands
  • Attack Force2006 VI stars as Marshall Lawson
  • Shadow Man2006 VI stars as Jack Foster
  • Mercenary2006 VI stars as John Seeger
  • Black Dawn2005 VI aka Foreigner 2 (International: English title: informal alternative title) stars as Jonathan Cold
  • Today You Die2005 VI stars as Harlan Banks
  • Submerged2005 VI stars as Chris Cody
  • Into the Sun2005 stars as Travis Hunter
  • Out of Reach2004 VI aka Poza zasiegiem (Poland) stars as William Lancing
  • Clementine2004 stars as Jack Miller
  • The Foreigner (2003) aka Cudzoziemiec (Poland) stars as Jonathan Cold
  • Out for a Kill2003 VI stars as Prof. Robert Burns
  • Belly of the Beast2003 VI stars as Jake Hopper
  • Half Past Dead2002 aka Halb tot (Germany) stars as Sasha Petrochivich
  • Ticker2001 aka The Other Side of the Law (Philippines: English title) stars as Frank Glass
  • Exit Wounds2001 stars as Orin Boyd
  • The Patriot1998 stars as Dr. Wesley McClaren
  • Fire Down Below1997 stars as Jack Taggart
  • The Glimmer Man1996 stars as Jack Cole
  • Executive Decision1996 aka Critical Decision stars as Lt. Colonel Austin Travis
  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory1995 aka Under Siege 2 stars as Casey Ryback
  • On Deadly Ground1994 stars as Forrest Taft
  • Under Siege1992 aka Piege en haute mer (France) stars as Casey Ryback
  • Out for Justice1991 stars as Detective Gino Felino Tactical Narcotics Team NYPD
  • Marked for Death1990 aka Screwface stars as John Hatcher
  • Hard to Kill1990 aka Seven Year Storm stars as Det. Mason Storm
  • Above the Law1988 aka Nico: Above the Law stars as Nico Toscani