Spice Girls Trivia

  • Spice Girls
    • Famous as : Pop female group
    • Birth Name : Touch
    • Birth Date : 1994
    • Birth Place : London, England, UK
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Single "Wannabe" (1996)


  • Licensed their name and image to Tesco's U.K. supermarket chain in 2007 and paid 5 million pounds to appear in its ads.
  • Their song 'Headlines' was made the official song for Children in Need in 2007 but was criticized for its rather sexy music video.
  • Melanie C was initially the only member who was against the reunion in 2007.
  • Victoria Adams is the only member of Spice Girls not to have had a UK number one single as a solo artist.
  • Geri Halliwell's infamous Union Jack dress fetched 36,000 pounds in a charity auction that sold many Spice Girls memorabilia after their split in 2001.
  • Their album 'Forever' was in a much-hyped chart battle with Westlife's 'Coast to Coast' in 2000 whereby theirs lost at #2.
  • Planned a live album in 1998 and had its masters done but dropped the idea later, allegedly because of Geri Halliwell's departure.
  • Were presented in animated characters in their music video for 'Viva Forever' because they are too busy to shoot it.
  • Divided job after parting from 19 Management; Melanie B: Tour Control, Geri: Sponsorship, Emma: Personnel, Schedule and Charities, Victoria: Merchandising and Finance, Melanie C: Record Company, Singles and Formats.
  • Their film 'Spice World' (1997) features guest appearances by Roger Moore, Elton John, Jennifer Saunders, Richard E. Grant, Michael Barrymore and Meat Loaf among others.
  • All five girls made it into People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' list of 1997.
  • Geri Halliwell appeared at 1997 BRIT Awards with Union Jack, that eventually led to emphasizing of the term 'Cool Britannia'.
  • The term 'Girl Power' was made into Oxford English Dictionary after they used it for the band's slogan.
  • Melanie C almost missed the final audition for The Spice Girls because of recurring chronic tonsillitis.
  • Considered the first artists to emphasize on the meaning of 'Girl Power' despite there were many other acts before them who have employed the same slogan.
  • Geri Halliwell auditioned for a part in film 'Tank Girl' in 1995 where she met future band mate, Victoria Adams.