Sarah Clarke Filmography

  • Sarah Clarke
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Sarah Lively Clarke
    • Birth Date : February 16, 1972
    • Birth Place : St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    • Spouse : Xander Berkeley (actor, since 7-Sep-02)
    • Claim to Fame : As Nina Myers in TV series "24" (2001-2004)
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  • Punk's Dead (2014) stars as Trish
  • Line of Sight2014 TM stars as Dot Bernt
  • The Tomorrow People (2013) TV stars as Marla Jameson
  • A Quick Jog2012 stars as Jogger
  • Covert Affairs (2012) TV stars as Lena Smith
  • The Booth at the End2011 TV stars as Sister Carmel
  • Nikita (2011) TV stars as Katya Udinov
  • The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part I (2011) stars as Renee
  • Bedrooms (2010) stars as Janet
  • The Twilight Saga's Eclipse (2010) stars as Renee Dwyer
  • Below the Beltway2010 stars as Anne
  • Level Seven2010 stars as Alex
  • Men of a Certain Age (2009) TV stars as Dory
  • Women in Trouble (2009) stars as Maxine McPherson
  • Trust Me (2009) TV stars as Erin McGuire
  • Twilight (2008) stars as Renee Dwyer
  • The Colony (2007) stars as Olga
  • Alibi2007 TM stars as Sarah Winters
  • A House Divided2006 TM stars as Jackie
  • 24: The Game2006 VG stars as Nina Myers (voice)
  • The Lather Effect2006 aka One More Night (Australia) stars as Claire
  • Happy Endings (2005) stars as Diane
  • Psychic Driving2005 stars as Selma
  • Below the Belt2004 aka Human Error (USA: new title) stars as Company Spokesperson
  • Thirteen (2003) stars as Birdie
  • The Third Date2003 stars as Katrina
  • Emmett's Mark2002 aka Killing Emmett Young (USA: video title) stars as Sarah
  • 24 (2001) TV stars as Nina Myers
  • The Accident2001 stars as Reeny
  • Pas de deux2000 stars as The Clown
  • All About George2000 stars as Catherine