Robin Dunne Filmography

  • Robin Dunne
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : -
    • Birth Date : November 19, 1976
    • Birth Place : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Spouse : Heidi Lenhart (actress, Apr-2002 - divorced)
    • Claim to Fame : As Dr. Will Zimmerman in TV series "Sanctuary" (2008-2009)
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  • Deadfall (Short)2014 stars as The Man
  • Supercollider2013 stars as Victor Susskind
  • Three Days in Havana2013 stars as Benny
  • The Good Witch's Destiny2013 TM stars as Drew
  • Scarecrow2013 TM stars as Aaron
  • Torment2013 stars as Cory Morgan
  • Twelve Trees of Christmas2013 TM stars as Tony Shaughnessy
  • Space Milkshake2012 stars as Jimmy
  • Beyond Sherwood Forest2009 TM stars as Robin Hood
  • Sanctuary (2008) TV stars as Dr. Will Zimmerman
  • Jack and Jill vs. the World (2008) stars as Gary
  • The Dark Room2007 TM stars as Philip Russell
  • Code Breakers2005 TM stars as Trager
  • Just Friends (2005) aka Just Friends - No Sex stars as Ray
  • Species III2004 VI stars as Dean
  • Dead Like Me2004 TV stars as Thomas 'Trip' Hesberg III
  • Hemingway vs. Callaghan2003 TM stars as Young Callaghan
  • The Snow Walker2003 stars as Carl
  • American Psycho II: All American Girl2002 VI aka American Psycho 2 stars as Brian
  • The Skulls II2002 VI stars as Ryan Sommers
  • As If2002 TV stars as Alex
  • Roughing It2002 TM aka Mark Twain's Roughing It stars as Young Samuel Clemens
  • The Circle2001 aka Fraternity stars as Alex Desineau
  • Class Warfare2001 TM stars as Richard Ashbury
  • Au Pair II2001 TM stars as Michael Hausen
  • Jewel2001 TM stars as Wilman Hilburn (Age 18-26)
  • A Colder Kind of Death2001 TM aka Manipulation stars as Eric Matthews
  • The Wandering Soul Murders2001 TM aka Sur les traces de Littleflower (Canada: French title) stars as Eric Matthews
  • Borderline Normal2000 aka Plus rien a perdre (Canada: French title) stars as Jeremy Walling
  • Trapped in a Purple Haze2000 TM stars as Brian Hanson
  • Cruel Intentions 22000 VI stars as Sebastian Valmont
  • Dawson's Creek1999 TV stars as A.J. Moller
  • Teenage Space Vampires1999 aka Darkness Comes stars as Bill Swenson
  • The Fence1998 stars as Tomas
  • The Big Hit1998 stars as Gump
  • Strike!1998 aka The Hairy Bird stars as Todd Winslow
  • Little Men1998 TV stars as Franz Bhaer
  • Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend1998 TV stars as Perseus
  • A Husband, a Wife and a Lover1996 TM aka A Strange Affair stars as Bruce
  • The Adventures of Sinbad1996 TV stars as Prince Casib
  • Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story1995 TM stars as Fletcher #3
  • Jungleground1995 stars as Pretty Boy
  • Brothers' Destiny1995 TM aka Long Road Home stars as Clay Berry
  • Side Effects1994 TV stars as Matthew Barkin
  • Against Their Will: Women in Prison1994 TM aka Against Their Will stars as Scott