Paula Abdul Biography

  • Paula Abdul
    • Famous as : Pop singer, choreographer
    • Birth Name : Paula Julie Abdul
    • Birth Date : June 19, 1962
    • Birth Place : San Fernando, California, USA
    • Spouse : Emilio Estevez (actor-director, 29-Apr-92 - May 1994), Brad Beckerman (sportswear designer, 24-Oct-96 - 1998)
    • Claim to Fame : American Idol judge


There are only of few artists who have been equally recognized, awarded and celebrated "in front of the camera" as well as "behind the camera" and surely Paula Abdul is worthy to be placed among them. It is because she possesses such a great talent which has led her to be an exceptional choreographer and singer in U.S.. Throughout her career, she has been involved in 37 choreography projects of movie, television, video, stage, and live tour. As a singer, she has collected 11 awards with worldwide album sales reaching 40 million records. All of these have proven that she is indeed can be considered as one of the most notable artists and choreographers in the world.

Paula Julie Abdul has involved herself in music and dance from a very young age. Born on June 19, 1962 in San Fernando, California, she had performed dancing and singing in community musical theater groups at 7. During summertime, she also took part in U.S. theatrical productions. Her desire to be a dancer grew stronger after she watched Gene Kelly's musical film entitled "Singing in the Rain." Pursuing her dream, she learned jazz and tap dance when she was barely 8 years old. Her talent and skills were impressive so that she was rewarded a scholarship to develop her dancing ability under Joe Traime at Bell Lewitzky Company. Attending Van Nuys High School, she became a head cheerleader as well as senior class president. She was graduated in 1980 then continued her study at California State University Northridge, majoring in TV and radio broadcasting. It was during this time that she joined an audition held by the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Cheerleading team. With her distinguishing and dynamic style of dancing, she was successfully accepted, even later was pointed to be the head choreographer of the team.

Wanting to focus her attention on her career, Paula decided to give up her study at the university. This decision turned out to be the right one as Jackson Five noticed her talent, thus offered her to choreograph their music video, "Torture." Getting satisfied with her work, the group hired her to be an assistant dance director during their "Victory" live tour. Upon hearing her skills, John McClain of A&R Records asked her to choreograph Janet Jackson's music videos for her debut album, "Control." Paula then was involved in the making of four videos of the

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