Paul Gross Filmography

  • Paul Gross
    • Famous as : Actor, singer
    • Birth Name : Paul Michael Gross
    • Birth Date : April 30, 1959
    • Birth Place : Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Spouse : Martha Burns (actress, since 25-Sep-88)
    • Claim to Fame : As Constable Benton Fraser in "Due South" (1997-1999)
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  • The Yard2011 TV stars as Documentarian
  • Barney's Version (2010) stars as Constable O'Malley of the North
  • Men with Brooms2010 TV stars as Chris Cutter / Narrator
  • Gunless2010 stars as The Montana Kid
  • Eastwick (2009) TV stars as Darryl Van Horne
  • Passchendaele2008 stars as Michael Dunne
  • The Trojan Horse2008 TV stars as Thomas David McLaughlin
  • Hooked on Speedman2008 stars as Paul
  • Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story2006 TV stars as John Diefenbaker
  • Hockey: A People's History2006 TV stars as Narrator
  • Burnt Toast2005 TM stars as Scott
  • H2O2004 TM aka H2O: The Last Prime Minister (Canada: English title: long title) stars as Thomas David McLaughlin
  • Wilby Wonderful2004 stars as Buddy French
  • Slings and Arrows2003 TV stars as Geoffrey Tennant
  • The Eleventh Hour2003 TV aka Bury the Lead stars as Tony Joel
  • Men with Brooms2002 aka Quatre gars et un balai (Canada: French title) stars as Chris Cutter
  • Murder Most Likely1999 TM stars as Patrick Kelly
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1997 TM stars as Ned
  • Due South1997 TV aka Un tandem de choc (Canada: French title) stars as Constable Benton Fraser
  • The Red Green Show1996 TV aka The New Red Green Show stars as Kevin Black
  • The Battle of Vimy Ridge - Part 4: The Battle Joined and Won1994 TM stars as Narrator
  • Direction: Sud1994 TV aka Due South stars as Constable Benton Fraser
  • Whale Music1994 stars as Daniel Howl
  • XXX's & OOO's1994 TM stars as Bucky Dean
  • Paint Cans1994 stars as Morton Ridgewell
  • Aspen Extreme1993 stars as T.J. Burke
  • Tales of the City1993 TV aka Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City stars as Brian Hawkins
  • Buried on Sunday1992 aka Northern Extremes stars as Augustus Knickel
  • Married to It1991 stars as Jeremy Brimfield
  • Getting Married in Buffalo Jump1990 TM aka Buffalo Jump stars as Alex Bresnyachuk
  • Cold Comfort1989 stars as Stephen Miller
  • Divided Loyalties1989 stars as Walter Butler
  • Street Legal1989 TV stars as Steven Hines
  • Chasing Rainbows1988 TV stars as Jake Kincaid
  • Turning to Stone1985 TM aka Concrete Hell stars as Billy
  • Hangin' In1982 TV stars as Bob