Nia Peeples Filmography

  • Nia Peeples
    • Famous as : Actress, singer
    • Birth Name : Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples
    • Birth Date : December 10, 1961
    • Birth Place : Hollywood, California, USA
    • Spouse : Guy Ecker (actor, 26-May-84 - 1986), Howard Hewett (singer, 1989-1993), Lauro Chartrand (actor, 22-Nov-97 - 1-Jun-04), Sam George (professional surfer, since 31-Aug-04, filed for divorce)
    • Claim to Fame : As Nicole Chapman in TV series "Fame" (1983-1986)
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  • Paradise by Dante2018 stars as Speaker: 2nd Sphere - Mercury
  • Purgatory by Dante2017 stars as Speaker: Matilda and The Garden
  • Miracle Underground2016
  • Inferno by Dante2016 stars as Speaker: Exit
  • Alaska Is a Drag2016 stars as Lucy
  • After Ours2015 stars as Catarina
  • Lavalantula2015 TM stars as Olivia West
  • Dante's Hell Documented2014 stars as Speaker: Exit
  • Lap Dance (2014) aka "Monica" stars as Kelly
  • Dante's Hell Animated2014 stars as Beatrice (voice: English version)
  • A Dark Plan2012 stars as Marta
  • Werewolf: The Beast Among Us2012 VI stars as Vadoma
  • 23 Minutes to Sunrise2012 stars as Rachel
  • Battle of Los Angeles2011 VI stars as Capt. Karla Smaith
  • Pretty Little Liars (2010) TV stars as Pam Fields
  • The Outside2009 stars as Joanne Blakey
  • Citizen Jane2009 TM stars as Evelyn
  • Arwin!2007 TM stars as Ms. Hawkhauser
  • The Young and the Restless (2007) TV aka Y&R stars as Karen Taylor
  • Connors' War2006 VI stars as Amanda
  • Special Unit2006 TM stars as Tara
  • Alpha Mom2006 TM stars as Susan
  • Inside Out (2005) stars as Maria
  • Sub Zero2005 VI stars as Kelli Paris
  • Barbershop2005 TV stars as Det. Hahanna
  • The Division2004 TV aka Heart of the City stars as Sandra Prestiss
  • The Coven2004 TM
  • Half Past Dead2002 aka Halbtot - Half Past Dead (Germany) stars as 49er Six
  • The Chang Family Saves the World2002 TM stars as Pearl Empress
  • The Riff2001 stars as Heather Anderson
  • Bruised2001 stars as Michelle
  • Alone with a Stranger2000 stars as Beth Jenkins
  • Walker, Texas Ranger1999 TV aka Walker stars as Sydney Cooke
  • Heroes: The Mystique, the Movies, the Men1998 TM stars as Special Guest Host
  • Poodle Springs1998 TM stars as Angel
  • Blues Brothers 20001998 stars as Lt. Elizondo
  • Tower of Terror1997 TM stars as Jill Perry
  • Crisis Center1997 TV stars as Lily Gannon
  • Odd Jobs1997 TM stars as Assassin
  • Terminal1996 TM aka Robin Cook's Terminal stars as Janet Reardon
  • Bloodhounds II1996 TM stars as Nikki Cruise
  • Mr. Stitch1995 TM stars as Doctor Elizabeth English
  • Courthouse1995 TV stars as Veronica Gilbert
  • Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 141995 TM aka Deadlock 2 stars as Allie Thompson
  • Improper Conduct1995 stars as Bernie
  • Crazy Love1995 TV
  • XXX's & OOO's1994 TM stars as Sasha Townes
  • My Name Is Kate1994 TM stars as Annie
  • Return to Lonesome Dove1993 TV stars as Agostina Vega
  • The New WKRP in Cincinnati1992 TV stars as Sierra Smith
  • I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore1992 stars as Theresa Garabaldi
  • The Party Machine with Nia Peeples1991 TV stars as Host
  • Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer1990 TM stars as Cathy Redding
  • Nasty Boys1989 TV stars as Serena Cruz
  • Nasty Boys1989 TM stars as Serena Cruz
  • Swimsuit1989 TM stars as Maria
  • DeepStar Six1989 stars as Scarpelli
  • North Shore1987 stars as Kiani
  • Top of the Pops1987 TV stars as Host
  • Fame1984 stars as Nicole
  • Fame1983 TV stars as Nicole Chapman
  • Days of Our Lives (1983) TV aka Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives stars as Mallory
  • The Music Shoppe1981 TM stars as Darcie
  • A Single Light1981 TM stars as Deaf Girl
  • General Hospital (1963) TV stars as Carla Escobar