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Monica Bellucci Filmography

Monica Bellucci


Famous as :

Actress, model

Birth Name :

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci

Birth Date :

September 30, 1964

Birth Place :

Citta di Castello, Perugia, Italy

Claim to fame :

As Persephone in "The Matrix Reloaded" (2003)
Spectre InfoSpectre (2015) aka "Bond 24"
stars as Lucia Sciarra

On the Milky Road (2015)

Le Meraviglie InfoLe Meraviglie (2014) aka "The Wonders"
stars as Milly Catena

Des gens qui s'embrassent (2013) aka "Des sentiments contradictoires"
stars as Giovanna

Platane (2011) - TV
stars as Monica Bellucci

Rhino Season InfoRhino Season (2011) aka "Fasle Kargadan"
stars as Mina

The Ages of Love InfoThe Ages of Love (2011) aka "Manual of Love 3"
stars as Viola

A Burning Hot Summer InfoA Burning Hot Summer (2011) aka "Un ete brulant"
stars as Angele

The Whistleblower InfoThe Whistleblower (2010)
stars as Laura Levin

The Sorcerer's Apprentice InfoThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)
stars as Veronica

Rose, c'est Paris (2010) - TM
stars as L'esprit de gala

Baaria (2009)
stars as Bricklayer's girlfriend

Don't Look Back InfoDon't Look Back (2009) aka "Ne te retourne pas"
stars as Jeanne

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee InfoThe Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009)
stars as Gigi Lee

Omaggio a Roma (2009)
stars as Tosca

Sanguepazzo (2008)
stars as Luisa Ferida

L'uomo che ama (2008)
stars as Alba

Shoot 'Em Up InfoShoot 'Em Up (2007)
stars as Donna Quintano

Manuale d'amore 2 (Capitoli successivi) (2007)
stars as Lucia

Deuxieme souffle, Le (2007)
stars as Manouche

The Second Wind (2007)
stars as Simona - dite 'Manouche'

N.: Napoleon & Me (2006)
stars as Baronessa Emilia Speziali

Sheitan (2006)
stars as La belle vampiresse

The Stone Council (2006)
stars as Laura Siprien

The Brothers Grimm InfoThe Brothers Grimm (2005)
stars as Queen Mirror

How Much Do You Love Me? (2005)
stars as Daniela

The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005) - VG
stars as Persephone

The Matrix Online (2005) - aka MxO (USA: promotional abbreviation)
stars as Persephone (voice)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004) - VG
stars as Kaileena (voice)

She Hate Me InfoShe Hate Me (2004)
stars as Simona Bonasera

Secret Agents (2004)
stars as Barbara/Lisa

The Passion of the Christ InfoThe Passion of the Christ (2004) aka The Passion Recut
stars as Magdalen

Enter the Matrix (2003) - VG
stars as Persephone

The Matrix Revolutions InfoThe Matrix Revolutions (2003) aka The Matrix Revolutions: The IMAX Experience
stars as Persephone

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas InfoSinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)
stars as Marina

The Matrix Reloaded InfoThe Matrix Reloaded (2003) aka The Matrix Reloaded: The IMAX Experience
stars as Persephone

Tears of the Sun InfoTears of the Sun (2003)
stars as Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks

Ricordati di me (2003) aka Remember Me
stars as Alessia

Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre (2002) aka Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra
stars as Cleopatre

Irreversible (2002) aka Irreversible
stars as Alex

Pacte des loups, Le (2001) aka Brotherhood of the Wolf
stars as Sylvia

Franck Spadone (2000)
stars as Laura

Malena (2000)
stars as Malena Scordia

Under Suspicion (2000) aka Suspicion
stars as Chantal Hearst

Comme un poisson hors de l'eau (1999) aka Like a Fish Out of Water
stars as Myrtille

Mediterranees (1999)
stars as Marguerite

Plaisir (et ses petits tracas), Le (1998) aka Pleasure (And Its Little Inconveniences)
stars as La jeune fille eplorée

Ultimo capodanno, L' (1998) aka Humanity's Last New Year's Eve
stars as Giulia

A los que aman (1998) aka Those Who Love
stars as Valeria

Compromis (1998)
stars as Monique, la jeune premiere

Stressati (1997)

Mauvais genre (1997)
stars as Camille

Dobermann (1997)
stars as Nathalie/Nat the gipsy

Come mi vuoi (1997) aka As You Want Me
stars as Nellina

Sorellina e il principe del sogno (1996) - TM aka Prinzessin Alisea
stars as Princess

Appartement, L' (1996) aka The Apartment
stars as Lisa

Joseph (1995) - TM aka The Bible: Joseph
stars as Pharaoh's Wife

Cielo e sempre piu blu, Il (1995)
stars as aka Bits and Pieces

Palla di neve (1995) aka Snowball
stars as Melina

Mitici, I (1994) aka The Heroes
stars as Deborah

Ostinato destino (1992)
stars as Marina and Angela

Dracula (1992) aka Bram Stoker's Dracula
stars as Dracula's Bride

Riffa, La (1991)
stars as Francesca

Briganti (1990) aka Bandits: Love and Liberty

Vita coi figli (1990) - TM



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