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Mia Farrow Filmography

Mia Farrow


Famous as :

Actress, singer

Birth Name :

Maria de Lourdes Villiers-Farrow

Birth Date :

February 09, 1945

Birth Place :

Los Angeles, California, USA

Claim to fame :

As Allison MacKenzie in primetime soap opera "Peyton Place" (1964-1966)
A Path Appears (2015) - TM
stars as Herself

Dark Horse InfoDark Horse (2011)
stars as Phyllis

The Darfur Archives (2010)
stars as Narrator (voice)

Arthur and the Two Worlds War InfoArthur and the Two Worlds War (2010)
stars as Granny

Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard InfoArthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (2009) aka "Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard"
stars as Granny

Be Kind Rewind InfoBe Kind Rewind (2008)
stars as Miss Falewicz

Fast Track (2006) aka "The Ex"
stars as Amelia Kowalski

The Omen InfoThe Omen (2006)
stars as Mrs. Baylock

Arthur and the Invisibles InfoArthur and the Invisibles (2006) aka "Arthur and the Minimoys"
stars as Granny

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (2004) - TM
stars as Grandmary Edwards

The Secret Life of Zoey (2002) - TM
stars as Marcia Carter

Purpose (2002)
stars as Anna Simmons

Julie Lydecker (2002) - TM

A Girl Thing (2001) - TM
stars as Betty McCarthy

Third Watch (2000) - TV
stars as Mona Mitchell

Forget Me Never (1999)
stars as Diane McGowin

Coming Soon (1999)
stars as Judy Hodsell

Miracle at Midnight (1998) - TM
stars as Doris Koster

Redux Riding Hood (1997)
stars as Doris - Mrs. Wolf (voice)

Angela Mooney (1996)
stars as Angela Mooney

Reckless (1995)
stars as Rachel

Miami Rhapsody (1995)
stars as Nina Marcus

Widows' Peak (1994)
stars as Miss Katherine O'Hare/Clancy

Husbands and Wives (1992)
stars as Judy Roth

Shadows and Fog (1991)
stars as Irmy

Long Ago and Far Away (1990) - TV
stars as Narrator

Alice (1990)
stars as Alice Tate

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)
stars as Halley Reed

New York Stories (1989)
stars as Lisa

Another Woman (1988)
stars as Hope

September (1987)
stars as Lane

Radio Days (1987)
stars as Sally White

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
stars as Hannah

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)
stars as Cecilia

Supergirl (1984)
stars as Alura

Broadway Danny Rose (1984)
stars as Tina Vitale

Zelig (1983)
stars as Dr. Eudora Nesbitt Fletcher

Sarah (1982) aka "Sarah and the Squirrel"
stars as Narrator (live action segments)/Sarah (animated segments) (voice)

The Last Unicorn (1982)
stars as Unicorn / Amalthea (voice)

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)
stars as Ariel

Hurricane (1979)
stars as Charlotte Bruckner

Death on the Nile (1978)
stars as Jacqueline De Bellefort

Avalanche (1978)
stars as Caroline Brace

A Wedding (1978)
stars as Elizabeth 'Buffy' Brenner

Full Circle (1977) aka "The Haunting of Julia"
stars as Julia Lofting

Peter Pan (1976) - TM
stars as Peter Pan

The Great Gatsby (1974)
stars as Daisy Buchanan

Docteur Popaul (1972) aka "High Heels"
stars as Christine Dupont

Follow Me! (1972) aka "The Public Eye"
stars as Belinda

Goodbye, Raggedy Ann (1971) - TM
stars as Brooke Collier

Blind Terror (1971) aka "See No Evil"
stars as Sarah

John and Mary (1969)
stars as Mary

A Dandy in Aspic (1968)
stars as Caroline

Secret Ceremony (1968)
stars as Cenci

Rosemary's Baby (1968)
stars as Rosemary Woodhouse

Johnny Belinda (1967) - TM
stars as Belinda MacDonald

Peyton Place (1964) - TV
stars as Allison MacKenzie

Guns at Batasi (1964)
stars as Karen Eriksson

John Paul Jones (1959)



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