Linda Fiorentino Filmography

  • Linda Fiorentino
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Clorinda Fiorentino
    • Birth Date : March 09, 1958
    • Birth Place : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA
    • Spouse : John Byrum (director, 23-Jun-92 - 1993)
    • Claim to Fame : As Bridget Gregory/Wendy Kroy in "The Last Seduction" (1994)
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  • Once More with Feeling2009 stars as Lydia
  • Liberty Stands Still2002 aka Liberty stands still - Im Visier des Morders (Germany: DVD title) stars as Liberty Wallace
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back2001 stars as Bethany
  • Where the Money Is2000 aka Heier Coup, Ein (Germany) stars as Carol MacKay
  • What Planet Are You From?2000 stars as Helen Gordon
  • Ordinary Decent Criminal2000 aka Ganz gewohnlicher Dieb, Ein (Germany) stars as Christine Lynch
  • Dogma1999 stars as Bethany Sloane
  • Body Count1998 stars as Natalie
  • Men in Black1997 aka MIB stars as Dr. Laurel Weaver/Agent L
  • Kicked in the Head1997 stars as Megan
  • Larger Than Life1996 stars as Terry
  • Unforgettable1996 stars as Dr. Martha Briggs
  • Bodily Harm1995 stars as Rita Cates
  • Jade1995 stars as Trina Gavin
  • The Desperate Trail1995 VI stars as Sarah O'Rourke
  • Charlie's Ghost Story1994 aka Charlie's Ghost: The Story of Coronado stars as Marta
  • The Last Seduction1994 stars as Bridget Gregory/Wendy Kroy
  • Acting On Impulse1993 TM aka Secret Lies stars as Susan Gittes
  • Beyond the Law1992 aka Fixing the Shadow stars as Renee Jason
  • Chain of Desire1992 stars as Alma D'Angeli
  • Queens Logic1991 stars as Carla
  • Shout1991 stars as Molly
  • Strangers1991 stars as Helen
  • The Neon Empire1989 TM stars as Lucy
  • Wildfire1988 stars as Kay
  • The Moderns1988 stars as Rachel Stone
  • After Hours1985 stars as Kiki Bridges
  • Gotcha!1985 stars as Sasha
  • Vision Quest1985 aka Crazy for You stars as Carla