Josh Charles Filmography

  • Josh Charles
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Joshua Aaron Charles
    • Birth Date : September 15, 1971
    • Birth Place : Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    • Spouse : Sophie Flack (writer-ballet dancer, since 6-Sep-13)
    • Claim to Fame : As Dan Rydell in TV series "Sports Night" (1998)
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  • Oppenheimer Strategies (2016)
  • Masters of Sex (2015) TV stars as Daniel Logan
  • I Smile Back (2015) stars as Bruce
  • Adult Beginners (2014) aka "Brother's Keeper" stars as Phil
  • Bird People (2014) stars as Gary Newman
  • Curiosity2012 TV stars as Narrator (voice)
  • Weakness (2010) stars as Bart
  • Sonnet for a Towncar2010 stars as Ty Burke
  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) stars as Subject #2
  • After.Life (2009) stars as Tom Peterson
  • The Good Wife (2009) TV stars as Will Gardner
  • Darwin's Secret Notebooks2009 TM stars as Narrator (voice)
  • In Treatment (2008) TV stars as Jake
  • Six Degrees2007 TV stars as Ray Jones
  • Fast Track2006 stars as Forrest Mead
  • The Darwin Awards (2006) stars as Paramedic
  • Four Brothers (2005) stars as Detective Fowler
  • Seeing Other People2004 stars as Lou
  • S.W.A.T.2003 stars as T.J. McCabe
  • Our America2002 TM stars as Dave Isay
  • Meeting Daddy2000 stars as Peter Silverblatt
  • Muppets from Space1999 stars as Agent Barker
  • Sports Night1998 TV stars as Dan Rydell
  • Little City1997 stars as Adam
  • Cyclops, Baby1997 stars as Brush Brody
  • The Underworld1997 TM stars as Ehrlich
  • Crossworlds1997 stars as Joe Talbot
  • The Grave1996 stars as Tyn
  • Pie in the Sky1996 stars as Charlie Dunlap
  • Norma Jean & Marilyn1996 TM stars as Eddie Jordan
  • Coldblooded1995 stars as Randy
  • Threesome1994 stars as Eddy
  • Cooperstown1993 TM stars as Jody
  • Crossing the Bridge1992 stars as Mort Golden
  • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead1991 stars as Bryan
  • Murder in Mississippi1990 TM stars as Andrew Goodman
  • Dead Poets Society1989 stars as Knox Overstreet
  • Hairspray1988 stars as Iggy