Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Filmography

  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : -
    • Birth Date : October 10, 1978
    • Birth Place : Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : As Cassidy Bridges in TV series "Nash Bridges" (1996-2001)
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  • Hit the Floor (2014) TV stars as Lionel Davenport
  • Merry Ex-Mas2014 TM stars as Amanda
  • Stalkers2013 TM stars as Julia Whitman
  • The Frozen Ground (2013) stars as Chelle Ringell
  • A Nanny's Revenge2012 TM stars as Gina Wright
  • Exposed2011 TM stars as Emily Bennett
  • Soul Fire Rising2009 stars as Lilith Reborn
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising2009 VG stars as Kelly Weaver
  • Prison Break (2007) TV aka Prison Break: On the Run stars as Gretchen Morgan
  • American Identity2007 stars as Lyndsey Simpson
  • The Evidence2006 TV stars as Officer Jackie Kazaris
  • Three Wise Guys2005 TM stars as Mary
  • Adopted2005 TM stars as Rachel Rabinowitz
  • Venice Underground2005 stars as Tyler
  • Out for Blood2004 aka Vampires: Out for Blood stars as Layla Simmons
  • Mummy an' the Armadillo2004 stars as Jackie
  • Two and a Half Men (2004) TV stars as Isabella / Gail
  • The Pool at Maddy Breaker's2003 TM stars as Girl
  • Red Rover2003 stars as Kylie Taylor
  • Falling in Love in Pongo Ponga2002 stars as Shawnee
  • The Crow: Salvation2000 aka The Crow III - Tödliche Erlösung (Germany: DVD title) stars as Lauren Randall
  • Whatever It Takes2000 stars as Ashley Grant
  • Teacher's Pet2000 aka Devil in the Flesh 2 stars as Debbie Strong
  • She's All That1999 stars as Taylor Vaughan
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later1998 aka Halloween: H20 stars as Sarah Wainthrope
  • Nash Bridges1996 TV aka Bridges stars as Cassidy Bridges
  • Another World1964 TV aka Another World: Bay City stars as Maggie Cory #4 (1995)