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Jeffrey DeMunn Filmography

Jeffrey DeMunn


Famous as :


Birth Date :

April 25, 1947

Birth Place :

Buffalo, New York, USA

Claim to fame :

As Marsucci in TV Movie "Kojak: The Price of Justice" (1987)
6 Souls Info6 Souls (2013) aka "Shelter"
stars as Dr. Harding

Lost Angels InfoLost Angels (2013) - TV aka "L.A. Noir"
stars as Det. Hal Morrison

Another Happy Day InfoAnother Happy Day (2012) aka "The Loved Ones"
stars as Lee

The Reasonable Bunch InfoThe Reasonable Bunch (2011)

The Walking Dead InfoThe Walking Dead (2010) - TV
stars as Dale

Around the Block InfoAround the Block (2009)
stars as George

Cayman Went (2009)
stars as Rodgers Bowman

Burn After Reading InfoBurn After Reading (2008)
stars as Cosmetic Surgeon

The Mist InfoThe Mist (2007)
stars as Dan Miller

Hollywoodland InfoHollywoodland (2006)
stars as Art Weissman

Covert One: The Hades Factor (2006) - TV
stars as Steven Haldane

Empire Falls (2005) - TM
stars as Horace

The Persistence of Dreams (2005)
stars as Abraham Lincoln

The Lucky Ones InfoThe Lucky Ones (2003)
stars as Simon

Our Town (2003) - TM
stars as Mr. Webb

Swimming Upstream (2002)
stars as Dr. Henry Berkson

The Majestic (2001)
stars as Ernie Cole

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit InfoLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit (2000) - TV
stars as Charlie Phillips

Noriega: God's Favorite (2000) - TM
stars as Nuncio

The Green Mile (1999)
stars as Harry Terwilliger

Storm of the Century (1999) - TM
stars as Robbie Beals

Black Cat Run (1998) - TM
stars as Bill Grissom

The X Files (1998)
stars as Ben Bronschweig, M.D. (as Jeffrey De Munn)

Harvest (1998)
stars as Jake Yates

Turbulence (1997)
stars as Brooks

Night Sins (1997) - TM
stars as SAC Bruce Di Palma

Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing (1997) - TM
stars as Robert Brokaw

RocketMan (1997)
stars as Paul Wick

A Christmas Memory (1997) - TM
stars as Seabone

Killer: A Journal of Murder (1996)
stars as Sam Lesser

Phenomenon (1996)
stars as Prof. John Ringold

Citizen X (1995) - TM
stars as Andrei Chikatilo

Hiroshima (1995) - TM
stars as J. Robert Oppenheimer

Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story (1995) - TM
stars as Mel Korn

Down Came a Blackbird (1995) - TM
stars as Rob Rubenstein

Ebbie (1995) - TM
stars as Jake Marley

Safe Passage (1994)
stars as Doctor

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
stars as 1946 D.A.

Betrayal of Trust (1994) - TM
stars as Dick Shelton (as Jeff DeMunn)

Law & Order InfoLaw & Order (1993) - TV
stars as Professor Norman Rothenberg

Barbarians at the Gate (1993) - TM
stars as H. John Greeniaus

Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted (1992) - TM
stars as Frank Moore

Newsies (1992)
stars as Mayer Jacobs

Treacherous Crossing (1992) - TM
stars as Dr. Johnston

Eyes of an Angel (1991)
stars as Georgie

The Haunted (1991) - TM
stars as Jack Smurl

Peacemaker (1990)
stars as Daniel Cooper

By Dawn's Early Light (1990) - TM
stars as Harpoon

Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501 (1990) - TM
stars as Scott Cody

Blaze (1989)
stars as Eldon Tuck

Settle the Score (1989) - TM
stars as Dr. Josh Longcrest

Journey Into Genius (1988) - TM
stars as George Pierce Baker

Windmills of the Gods (1988) - TM
stars as Rogers

Lincoln (1988) - TM
stars as William Herndon

The Blob (1988)
stars as Sheriff Herb Geller

Betrayed (1988)
stars as Bobby Flynn

Young Harry Houdini (1987) - TM
stars as Adult Harry Houdini

Kojak: The Price of Justice (1987) - TM
stars as Marsucci (as Jeffrey De Munn)

Pigeon Feathers (1987) - TM
stars as George

Who Is Julia? (1986) - TM
stars as Dr. David Matthews

The Hitcher (1986)
stars as Captain Esteridge

Doubletake (1985) - TM
stars as Andrew Lane

Warning Sign (1985)
stars as Dr. Dan Fairchild (as Jeffrey De Munn)

A Time to Live (1985) - TM
stars as Larry Weisman

Windy City (1984)
stars as Bobby

When She Says No (1984) - TM
stars as Brian Garvey

I Married Wyatt Earp (1983) - TM
stars as Doc Holliday (as Jeffrey De Munn)

The Face of Rage (1983) - TM
stars as Jeff Hammil

Sessions (1983) - TM
stars as Dr. Walter Hemmings

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983)
stars as Ricardo

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1982) - TM
stars as Bottom

Frances (1982)
stars as Clifford Odets

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (1982)
stars as Doctor Roberts

Word of Honor (1981) - TM
stars as Dist. Atty. Burke (as Jeff DeMunn)

Ragtime (1981)
stars as Harry Houdini (as Jeff Demunn)

O'Malley (1980) - TM
stars as Carl

King Crab (1980) - TM
stars as Sam Campana

Resurrection (1980)
stars as Joe

The First Deadly Sin (1980)
stars as Sergeant Fernandez Correlli

You Better Watch Out (1980)
stars as Philip Stadling

Sanctuary of Fear (1979) - TM
stars as Whitney Fowler

Mourning Becomes Electra (1978) - TV
stars as Adam

The Last Tenant (1978) - TM
stars as Vinnie



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