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James Purefoy Filmography

James Purefoy


Famous as :


Birth Name :

James Brian Mark Purefoy

Birth Date :

June 03, 1964

Birth Place :

Taunton, Somerset, England, UK

Claim to fame :

As Mark Antony in the HBO/BBC "Rome" (2005-2007)
Equity InfoEquity (2016)

High-Rise InfoHigh-Rise (2015)
stars as Pangbourne

Momentum InfoMomentum (2015)
stars as Mr. Washington

Hap and Leonard (2015) - TV
stars as Hap Collins

Wicked Blood (2014) - VI
stars as Bill Owens

The Following InfoThe Following (2013) - TV
stars as Joe Carroll

Episodes InfoEpisodes (2012) - TV
stars as Rob

Revenge InfoRevenge (2012) - TV
stars as Dominik Wright

John Carter InfoJohn Carter (2012)
stars as Kantos Kan

Camelot InfoCamelot (2011) - TV
stars as King Lot

Ironclad InfoIronclad (2011)
stars as Thomas Marshal

Injustice (2011) - TV
stars as William Travers

Diamonds (2009) - TM
stars as Lucas Denmont

Solomon Kane InfoSolomon Kane (2009)
stars as Solomon Kane

The Philanthropist InfoThe Philanthropist (2009) - TV
stars as Teddy Rist

The Summit (2008) - TV
stars as Thom Lightstone

Lena: The Bride of Ice (2008)
stars as Dr. Harper

Frankenstein (2007) - TM
stars as Dr. Henry Clerval

Manchild (2007) - TM
stars as Joe

Rome Season 2: Antony & Cleopatra (2007) - VI
stars as Mark Antony / Himself

Beau Brummell: This Charming Man (2006) - TM aka Beau Brummell
stars as Beau Brummell

Blackbeard: Terror at Sea (2006) - TM aka Blackbeard
stars as Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach

Goose on the Loose InfoGoose on the Loose (2006)
stars as Kenneth Donnelly

Rome (2005) - TV
stars as Marc Antony

Blessed (2004)
stars as Craig Howard

George and the Dragon (2004) aka Dragon Sword
stars as George

Vanity Fair InfoVanity Fair (2004)
stars as Rawdon Crawley

Photo Finish (2003)
stars as James

The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003) - TM
stars as Donald Farfrae

Resident Evil (2002) aka Resident Evil
stars as Spence Parks

A Knight's Tale (2001)
stars as Sir Thomas Colville/Edward, the Black Prince of Wales

Domani (2001) aka Tomorrow
stars as Andrew Spender

Don Quixote (2000) - TM
stars as Sansón Carrasco

Lighthouse (2000) aka Dead of Night
stars as Richard Spader

The Wedding Tackle (2000)
stars as Hal

Maybe Baby (2000)
stars as Carl Phipps

Metropolis (2000) - TV
stars as Nathan

Mansfield Park (1999)
stars as Tom Bertram

Women Talking Dirty (1999)
stars as Daniel

Blink (1998) - TM
stars as John

Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)
stars as Brendan

Jilting Joe (1997)
stars as Joe

A Dance to the Music of Time (1997) - TV
stars as Nicholas Jenkins

Bright Hair (1997) - TM
stars as David Miles

Have Your Cake and Eat It (1997) - TV
stars as Ben

The Tide of Life (1996) - TV aka The Tide of Life
stars as Nick Stuart

The Prince and the Pauper (1996) - TM
stars as Miles Hendon

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996) - TM
stars as Mr. Lawrence

Tears Before Bedtime (1995) - TV
stars as Jimmy Turner

Feast of July (1995)
stars as Jedd Wainwright

Sharpe's Sword (1995) - TM
stars as Lord Jack Spears

Rides (1993) - TV
stars as Julian

One Night Stand (1993)

Calling the Shots (1993) - TM
stars as Brian Summers

Bye Bye Baby (1992) - TM

Angels (1992)
stars as Victor

The Cloning of Joanna May (1992) - TM
stars as Oliver



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