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James Holzier Trivia

James Holzier


Famous as :


Birth Name :

James Clayton Holzier

Birth Date :

August 11, 1984

Birth Place :

Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Was involved in a fire accident in 2002 where he received 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns on his face that didn't leave scars.
Is the big fan of the acress Meryl Streep.
His favorite food is pizza.
Slept in a car for a month because he wanted to know how it felt like from the other side.
Would fly across country or drive hours to spend time with the special girl in his life.
Had worked as a lifeguard for 2 summers.
His first celebrity crush was Julia Roberts in the movie "Pretty Woman" (1990).
Has a pet dog named Baby.
Was the only child actor invited to attend the adult workshops.
Was voted Most Friendliest and Best All Around in school.
Has a small beauty mark which can be found on his stomach.
Loves playing all kinds of sports, climbing, skiing, walking around outdoors, and visiting the beach.
His favorite color is blue.
Weighed in at 2 lbs when he was born.
Was born in Virginia, but grew up in the city of Houston, Texas instead.