Jake Gyllenhaal Trivia

  • Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal
    • Birth Date : December 19, 1980
    • Birth Place : Los Angeles, California
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : As Donnie Darko in "Donnie Darko" (2001)
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  • Voted No. 2 in People magazine's list of "Hottest Bachelors" in 2007.
  • Ranked 10th in People magazine's list of Sexiest Men Alive for 2006.
  • Topped Esquire magazine's September 2006 poll on Best-Dressed Men at No. 4.
  • Was one of Hollywood celebrities invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (July 2006).
  • At 10, Jake started his debut role as Billy Crystal's son in the runaway success summer comedy "City Slickers" (1991).
  • He was auditioned for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins" (2005).
  • Jake was set to play Spiderman in "Spider-Man 2" (2004) due to complications with Tobey Maguire. Regrettably, Maguire was back as Spiderman.
  • In 2004, he was listed as one of People Magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors."
  • On Phantom Planet's 2002 album "The Guest", lead singer Alex Greenwald lists him in his thank yous. Alex appeared with Jake in "Donnie Darko."
  • He was introduced to Kirsten Dunst by his sister Maggie.
  • Jake is a friend to actress Natalie Portman and Bryce Dallas Howard.
  • He received his first driving lesson from Paul Newman.
  • Atticus, his dog, named after the main character in Jake's favorite book "To Kill a Mockingbird".
  • Jake attended a local elementary school with Maroon 5 band members and with 1999's "Freaks and Geeks" star Jason Segel.
  • Gyllenhaal is of Swedish and Russian-Jewish ancestry.
  • 'Gyllenhaal' is pronounced Jill-en-hall.