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Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly


Famous as :

Celtic punk band

Birth Date :


Birth Place :

Los Angeles, California

Claim to fame :

Single 'The Worst Day Since Yesterday' (2000)


Flogging Molly were started with a one man's passion to switch gear and introduce something new to the music scenes. Dave King was a rock metal vocalist who joined the Fastway in early '90s but soon found himself in two other bands that eventually disbanded. When his deal with Epic Records requested him to join as the vocalist of The Jeff Beck Group, King declined the offer to start his own venture. The Dublin-born musician then dug his Irish root and experimented with its native sound. However, King refused to stick by one sound so he blended the Irish traditional music with contemporary punk vibe. This distinct result unfortunately failed to impress Epic and King was later forced to go independent. He eventually met musicians who had the same vision with him. Bridget Regan who played fiddle, tin whistle, and the Irish native bagpipes, the uillean pipes soon found a match in King and joined him in the band, so did guitarist Ted Hutt and bassist Jeff Peters. Together the foursome were the founding members of Flogging Molly which name was taken from a pub called Molly Malone's where they used to play frequently. "We used to play there every Monday night and we felt like we were flogging it to death, so we called the band Flogging Molly," King explained.

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