Eric McCormack Filmography

  • Eric McCormack
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Eric James McCormack
    • Birth Date : April 18, 1963
    • Birth Place : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Spouse : Janet Leigh Holden (since 3-Aug-97)
    • Claim to Fame : As Will Truman in TV series "Will & Grace" (1998-2006)
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  • Full Circle (2015) TV stars as Ken
  • Studio City2015 TM stars as Rob
  • The Architect (2014) (2014) stars as Colin
  • Romeo Killer: The Christopher Porco Story (2013) stars as Detective Sullivan
  • Barricade (2012) stars as Terrence Shade
  • Perception (2012) TV stars as Geoffrey Pierce
  • Knife Fight (2012) stars as Larry
  • Textuality2011 stars as Clive
  • Finger Babies2010 stars as Speaker
  • Pound Puppies2010 TV stars as Lucky / Ace / Businessman /
  • My One and Only (2009) stars as Charlie
  • Trust Me (2009) TV stars as Mason McGuire
  • Alien Trespass (2009) stars as Ted Lewis/Urp
  • Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita)2008 aka Immigrants - Joska menni Amerika (Hungary) stars as Vlad
  • The Andromeda Strain2008 TV stars as Jack Nash
  • Will & Grace: Say Goodnight Gracie2006 TM stars as Will Truman
  • The Sisters (2005) stars as Gary Sokol
  • Break a Leg2005 stars as Dark Haired Actor
  • Dead Like Me2004 TV stars as Ray Summers
  • Here's to Life!2000 stars as Owen Rinard
  • The Audrey Hepburn Story2000 TM stars as Mel Ferrer
  • Will & Grace1998 TV stars as Will Truman
  • A Will of Their Own1998 TV stars as Pierce Peterson
  • Holy Man1998 stars as Scott Hawkes
  • Free Enterprise1998 stars as Mark
  • Borrowed Hearts1997 TM aka Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance stars as Sam Field
  • Exception to the Rule1997 aka Nach gefahrlichen Regeln (Germany) stars as Timothy Bayer
  • Night Visitors1996 TM stars as Andy Robinson
  • Townies1996 TV stars as Scott
  • Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years1995 TV stars as Clay Mosby
  • Lonesome Dove: The Series1994 TV stars as Col. Francis Clay Mosby
  • The Man Who Wouldn't Die1994 TM stars as Jack Sullivan
  • Island City1994 TM stars as Greg 23
  • Relentless: Mind of a Killer1993 TM stars as Stu Feltzer
  • Family of Strangers1993 TM aka Nee de pere inconnu (Canada: French title) stars as Sam
  • Miracle on Interstate 8801993 TM aka Miracle on I-880 stars as Tony
  • Call of the Wild1993 TM stars as Hal
  • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble1993 TM stars as Don Farmer
  • The Lost World1992 stars as Edward Malone
  • Return to the Lost World1992 stars as Edward Malone
  • Giant Steps1992 stars as Jack Sims
  • Street Justice1991 TV stars as Det. Eric Rothman
  • Street Legal1990 TV stars as Barry Taylor
  • E.N.G1990 TV
  • Much Ado About Nothing1987 TM stars as Balthasar
  • The Boys from Syracuse1986 TM stars as Tailor's Apprentice