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Dr. Dre Wins Over Cops' Suit

March 21, 2011 09:03:50

He got triumph against a former police commander Gary Brown and Michigan's lawsuit over him for secretly recording and releasing their backstage confrontation during his 2000's 'Up In Smoke' tour.

Kristin Davis' Philanthropy Works Honored at Genesis Awards

March 21, 2011 08:03:09

The actress has been awarded a Wyler Award at Saturday night's Genesis Awards for her philanthropy efforts to increase public awareness on devastating life of orphaned African elephants.

Report: Elizabeth Hurley to Join 'Desperate Housewives'

March 19, 2011 01:03:48

After dining with 'Desperate Housewives' star Teri Hatcher on March 16, the 'Bedazzled' actress sparks rumor she is joining hit the TV series.

Pics: Elizabeth Hurley Films 'Wonder Woman' in Sexy Dress

March 16, 2011 10:03:31

Portraying the TV remake's villain Veronica Cale, Hurley gave a brief interview to the press before leaving in a luxury car.

Video Premiere: Bruno Mars' 'Liquor Store Blues'

March 04, 2011 02:03:04

The 'Grenade' hitmaker and Damian Marley perform their reggae duet in this colorful music video.

New 'Camelot' Trailer Shows Love and Betrayal

March 04, 2011 02:03:52

King Arthur receives the support from Merlin and a beautiful girl named Guinevere when his half-sister tries to topple him off the throne.

Natalie Portman Dissed for Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy

March 04, 2011 02:03:01

The 'Black Swan' beauty is slammed by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for glorifying and glamorizing the idea of out-of-wedlock children.

Selena Gomez Releases Official 'Who Says' Cover Art

March 04, 2011 02:03:22

Applying smoke eye make-up, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber looks gorgeous in the official artwork of her new single 'Who Says'.

Ryan Reynolds Caught Getting Intimate With Mystery Girl in South Africa

March 04, 2011 01:03:01

Following Scarlett Johansson's sneaky flirting with Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds is pictured getting intimate with a new blonde girl.

First Official Picture of Red Skull in 'Captain America' Emerges

March 04, 2011 01:03:59

The image gives a clearer look at the movie's villain, played by Hugo Weaving, as he is featured from waist up.

Elizabeth Hurley May Play Veronica Cale on 'Wonder Woman'

March 04, 2011 12:03:57

Shortly after the actress shared the news about her casting, a casting call sheet leaks the details of her villainous role.

Elizabeth Hurley Under Attack for Super Bowl Ad

February 08, 2011 04:02:19

Promoting Groupon, the actress is slammed for comparing the loss of rainforests to a Brazilian bikini wax.

Elizabeth Hurley Teaching Her Parrot to Talk

February 01, 2011 09:02:06

The exotic bird given to Elizabeth Hurley as a Christmas present last year has already been able to say 'hello.'

Elizabeth Hurley Kissed Shane Warne in Public

January 24, 2011 04:01:37

Although she remains tight-lipped about her romance with the Australian cricket player, she begins to be more open about the relationship.

Elizabeth Hurley and Lily Allen's Tweets Under Investigation

January 10, 2011 03:01:39

Britain's Office of Fair Trading said in a statement that any users who don't reveal endorsement deals are 'deceptive'.

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Shooting for Gossip Girl
Premiere of Television Drama Series The Royals - Red Carpet Arrivals
Backstage at Laurel Show During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2014
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Premiere of Television Drama Series The Royals - Red Carpet Arrivals
Shooting for Gossip Girl
The Elton John AIDS Foundation Grey Goose Winter Ball
Premiere of Television Drama Series The Royals - Red Carpet Arrivals
The UK TV Premiere of The Royals