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Neil Young Blasts Donald Trump Over Unauthorized Use of 'Rockin' in the Free World'

June 17, 2015 04:06:35

The Canadian singer wasn't happy when he learned that the billionaire used the song while he took the stage at the Trump Tower on Tuesday to declare his presidential candidacy.

Stephen Colbert Satirizes Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement

June 17, 2015 02:06:38

'This will be the finest, most luxurious gold-plated, diamond-encrusted campaign that will give hope to a weary nation,' Colbert describes how Trump's campaign will be like.

Donald Trump Is Running for President, Celebs React on Twitter

June 17, 2015 10:06:07

The ultra-rich tycoon finally announced his presidential candidancy after several decades floating the idea of running for the White House.

Donald Trump Launches Twitter Rants Against President Obama Over Baltimore Riots

April 29, 2015 10:04:43

The 68-year-old businessman calls the President of the U.S. 'incompetent leader,' saying Obama 'hasn't exactly had a positive impact' on the riots.

Donald Trump Continues Feud With Russell Brand

October 18, 2014 10:10:13

The 68-year-old businessman slams Russell in a new Instagram video after having a feud on Twitter on Thursday, October 16.

Donald Trump May Sue After Being Tricked Into Retweeting Photo of Serial Killers

September 30, 2014 12:09:10

After learning that he fell victim to a Twitter prank, the tycoon deletes the post and writes, 'I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting. Sad!'

Rosie O'Donnell Officially Returns to 'The View', Donald Trump Calls It 'a Good Move'

July 11, 2014 08:07:24

Commenting on O'Donnell's return to the ABC talk show, the 'Apprentice' host says, 'It'll have a short term positive effect... Rosie always self-destructs.'

Donald Trump Slams Hollywood Movies, Labels Them 'Garbage'

July 24, 2013 02:07:08

The real estate mogul, best known for hosting NBC's 'The Apprentice' series, call scripts of the 'box office bombs' 'terrible.'

Former Miss USA Contestant Loses $5M Suit Against Donald Trump

July 05, 2013 01:07:38

Sheena Monnin, a contestant of 2012 Miss USA, is ordered to pay $5 million in suit after blasting the beauty pageant as 'fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and in many ways trashy.'

Reformed Nine Inch Nails to Go on Tour This Summer

February 26, 2013 09:02:04

Trent Reznor's band returns with three new members and gears up for an extensive tour beginning this summer.

Donald Trump Brands 'Django Unchained' the 'Most Racist Movie' and 'Sucked'

February 26, 2013 08:02:51

Trump, who also criticizes the Academy for being 'tacky,' blasts the Quentin Tarantino film hot on heels of the slavery pic's Oscars victory.

Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher to Defend His Parents' Honor, Not Just for Money

February 06, 2013 11:02:28

Trump condemns Maher's Joke, 'What he said about my father is disgraceful ... and what he said about my mother, who's deceased, was in a certain way, even more disgraceful.'

Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher for $5M Over Claim That He's Descended From Orangutan

February 05, 2013 11:02:01

Trump insists that what the 'Real Time with Bill Maher' host said is not a joke as saying, 'That was venom. That wasn't a joke. In fact, he was nervous when he said it.'

Protesters Plan to Urge NBC to Fire Donald Trump From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

December 24, 2012 01:12:19 organizer, Angelo Carusone, claims that his group is considering to launch protest against the network to stop it from launching the new season of the reality game show.

Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin to Pay Donald Trump $5 Million

December 19, 2012 01:12:30

The former beauty queen, who defamed the Miss USA pageant and its Miss Universe organization with her claims, lost in court.

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