Dolph Lundgren Filmography

  • Dolph Lundgren
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Hans Lundgren
    • Birth Date : November 03, 1957
    • Birth Place : Stockholm, Stockholms lan, Sweden
    • Spouse : Annette Qviberg Lundgren (interior designer, since 24-Feb-94)
    • Claim to Fame : As Frank Castle/The Punisher in "The Punisher" (1989)
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  • Larceny2016
  • Don't Kill It2016
  • Hail Caesar (2016)
  • 4Got102016 stars as Bob Rooker
  • Riot (2015) stars as William
  • Malchishnik2015 stars as Natasha's Husband
  • Shark Lake (2015) stars as Clint Gray
  • War Pigs (2015) stars as Captain Hans Picault
  • A Certain Justice2014 stars as Hollis
  • The Expendables 3 (2014) stars as Gunnar Jensen
  • Skin Trade (2014) stars as Nick Cassidy
  • The Package2013 stars as The German
  • Blood of Redemption (2013) stars as Axel
  • Battle of the Damned (2013) stars as Max Gatling
  • Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon2013 aka "Legendary" stars as Harker
  • Ambushed2013 aka "Rush" stars as Maxwell
  • SAF32013 TV stars as John Eriksson
  • The Expendables II (2012) stars as Gunnar Jensen
  • One in the Chamber2012 stars as Aleksey Andreev
  • Stash House (2012) stars as Andy Spector
  • Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012) aka "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension" stars as Andrew Scott
  • Small Apartments (2012) stars as Dr. Sage Mennox
  • In the Name of the King 2 (2011) stars as Granger
  • Icarus2010 stars as Edward Genn
  • The Expendables (2010) stars as Gunnar Jensen
  • Command Performance2009 stars as Joe
  • Direct Contact2008 stars as Mike Riggins
  • Missionary Man2007 aka Black Chrome stars as Ryder
  • Diamond Dogs (2007) aka Quan zhang (China: Mandarin title) stars as Xander Ronson
  • Inchiesta, L'2006 aka "The Inquiry" stars as Brixos
  • The Mechanik2005 stars as Nikolai Cherenko
  • The Defender2004 stars as Lance Rockford
  • Retrograde2004 stars as John Foster
  • Fat Slags2004 stars as Randy
  • Direct Action2004 stars as Frank Gannon
  • Detention (2003) aka Detention (Canada: French title) stars as Sam Decker
  • Hidden Agenda2001 aka Double agenda stars as Jason Price
  • Jill the Ripper2000 aka The Leatherwoman stars as Matt Sorenson
  • The Last Patrol2000 aka The Last Warrior stars as Nick Preston
  • Agent Red2000 stars as Matt Hendricks
  • Storm Catcher1999 stars as Major Jack Holloway
  • Bridge of Dragons1999 stars as Warchild
  • Sweepers1999 stars as Christian Erickson
  • The Minion1998 aka Fallen Knight stars as Lukas
  • Blackjack1998 TM aka John Woo's Blackjack stars as Jack Devlin
  • The Peacekeeper1997 aka Red Zone stars as Maj. Frank Cross
  • Silent Trigger1996 aka The Algonquin Goodbye stars as Waxman
  • Hidden Assassin1995 aka The Shooter stars as Michael Dane
  • Johnny Mnemonic1995 aka Johnny Mnemonique (Canada: French title) stars as Street Preacher
  • Men of War1994 aka Hombres de acero (Spain) stars as Nick Gunar
  • Pentathlon1994 stars as Eric Brogar
  • Joshua Tree1993 aka Army of One stars as Wellman Anthony Santee
  • Universal Soldier1992 stars as Andrew Scott/GR13
  • Cover-Up1991 stars as Mike Anderson
  • Showdown in Little Tokyo1991 stars as Det. Kenner
  • I Come in Peace1990 aka Dark Angel stars as Jack Caine
  • The Punisher1989 stars as Frank Castle
  • Red Scorpion1989 stars as Nikolai
  • Masters of the Universe1987 stars as He-Man
  • Rocky IV1985 stars as Ivan Drago
  • A View to a Kill1985 aka Ian Fleming's 'A View to a Kill' stars as Venz