David Caruso Filmography

  • David Caruso
    • Famous as : Actor, producer
    • Birth Name : David Stephen Caruso
    • Birth Date : January 07, 1956
    • Birth Place : Forest Hills, New York, USA
    • Spouse : Cheri Maugans (30-Mar-79 - 21-Feb-84), Rachel Ticotin (1984 - 1987), Margaret Buckley (4-May-96 - 17-Jan-07)
    • Claim to Fame : As Lieutenant Horatio Caine in TV Series "CSI: Miami" (2002-2008)
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  • CSI: Miami (2004) VG stars as Lieutenant Horatio Caine (voice)
  • CSI: Miami (2002) TV stars as Lieutenant Horatio Caine
  • Session 92001 stars as Phil
  • Black Point2001 stars as John Hawkins
  • Proof of Life2000 stars as Dino
  • Deadlocked2000 TM aka Deadlocked - Die f├╝nfte Gewalt (Germany) stars as Ned Stark
  • Swirlee2000 stars as Mr. Softy's roommate
  • Body Count1998 stars as Hobbs
  • Michael Hayes1997 TV stars as Michael Hayes
  • Gold Coast1997 TM aka Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast stars as Maguire
  • Cold Around the Heart1997 stars as Ned Tash
  • Jade1995 stars as David Corelli
  • Kiss of Death1995 stars as Jimmy Kilmartin
  • NYPD Blue1993 TV stars as Det. John Kelly
  • Mad Dog and Glory1993 stars as Mike
  • Judgment Day: The John List Story1993 TM stars as Chief Bob Richland
  • Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis1991 TM aka Mission of the Shark stars as Wilkes
  • Hudson Hawk1991 stars as Kit Kat
  • Rainbow Drive1990 TM stars as Larry Hammond
  • Parker Kane1990 TM stars as Joey Torregrossa
  • King of New York1990 stars as Dennis Gilley
  • H.E.L.P1990 TV stars as Off. Frank Sordoni
  • Twins1988 stars as Al Greco
  • Into the Homeland1987 TM stars as Ryder
  • China Girl1987 stars as Mercury
  • Blue City1986 stars as Joey Rayford
  • Crime Story1986 TV stars as Johnny O'Donnell
  • The First Olympics: Athens1986 TM aka The First Modern Olympics stars as James Connolly
  • Thief of Hearts1984 stars as Buddy Calamara
  • For Love and Honor1983 TM stars as Rusty
  • First Blood1982 aka Rambo stars as Deputy Mitch
  • An Officer and a Gentleman1982 stars as Topper Daniels
  • Hill Street Blues1981 TV stars as Shamrock Leader Tommy Mann
  • Crazy Times1981 TM stars as Bobby Shea
  • Without Warning1980 aka Alien Warning stars as Tom
  • Getting Wasted1980 stars as Danny