Dann Florek Filmography

  • Dann Florek
    • Famous as : Actor, director
    • Birth Name : Ezekial Dann Florek
    • Birth Date : May 01, 1950
    • Birth Place : Flat Rock, Michigan, USA
    • Spouse : Karen (artist)
    • Claim to Fame : As Captain Donald Cragen in TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)
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  • Santorini Blue2013 stars as Trent Parker
  • Copy That2006 stars as Dann
  • Focus Room2003 stars as William
  • L.A. Law: The Movie2002 TM stars as Dave Meyer
  • Beautiful Joe2000 stars as Happy
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) TV stars as Captain Donald Cragen
  • Hard Rain1998 stars as Mr. Mehlor
  • Pentagon Wars, The1998 TM stars as Maj. Gen. Bob Braden
  • From the Earth to the Moon1998 TV stars as Robert Seamans
  • Little Girl Fly Away1998 TM stars as Chief Gelbart
  • Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, The1998 TV stars as Abraham Lincoln
  • Exiled1998 TM stars as Captain Donald Cragen
  • Smart Guy1997 TV stars as Coach Gerber
  • A Nightmare Come True1997 TM aka A Dream of Murder stars as Det. Ron Shaye
  • Getting Even with Dad1994 stars as Wayne
  • Hardball1994 TV aka Bullpen stars as Ernest 'Happy' Talbot
  • Flintstones, The1994 stars as Mr. Slate
  • Flight of the Intruder1991 stars as Lt. Comdr. Mad Jack/Doc
  • Roseanne1990 TV stars as Doctor
  • Law & Order (1990) TV stars as Captain Donald Cragen
  • Edge, The1989 TM stars as Strip-Joint Operator
  • Sunset1988 stars as Marty Goldberg
  • Trial of Bernhard Goetz, The1988 TM stars as Judge Crane
  • Moon Over Parador1988 stars as Toby
  • L.A. Law1988 TV stars as David Meyer
  • Five Corners1987 stars as Policeman
  • Angel Heart1987 stars as Herman Winesap
  • Sweet Liberty1986 stars as Jesse
  • Alex: The Life of a Child1986 TM stars as Dr. Tom Dolan
  • Braker1985 TM stars as Hayes
  • Eddie Macon's Run1983 stars as Man in bar
  • Country Girl, The1982 TM stars as Larry