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Coldplay Biography



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Alternative rock band

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London, United Kingdom

Claim to fame :

Single "Yellow" (2000)


by AceShowbiz.com

If there is a question concerning the existence of a band, which does not pursue fame and wealth, the name "Coldplay" will definitely emerge as one of the answers. Their true intention to write exceptional compositions with real honesty and passion is eminently visible, proven by their rejection toward the overtures of using their songs in the ads. Hence, the words "genuine" and "pure" are probably the two most precise adjectives to be addressed to this British alternative rock band. What distinguishes Coldplay from other bands is that they have created melancholic music arrangements with the theme of well-trodden love, yet there is still an earnest optimism within, which most English bands do not make use of. "We wanted to make the most passionate, moving, melodic, uplifting and sad record of all time," Chris Martin, the band's frontman confirmed.

The origin of the band began when Chris Martin met Jon Buckland during their first week as the students of University College London in 1996. Shortly thereafter, Guy Berryman joined them, followed by a multi talented young musician, Will Champion. On January 8, 1998 they eventually came up together with Chris as the vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist; Jon as the lead ...

guitarist; Guy as the bassist, and Will as the drummer. "It's like when bacon, and eggs, and mushrooms, and chips are put on the same plate," Chris had commented about his band, "It becomes something greater than the individual parts. It becomes a cohesive whole, that's tasty." All members then gave their approval to name the band "Coldplay", originally took it from their friend, Tim, who derived the particular word from a poem. Furthermore, they chose Phil Harvey, Chris' old friend, to be their manager.

Being supported by Phil, Coldplay made up their first recording entitled "Safety" which was an EP contained 4 tracks and restricted its release to 500 copies only. One of the songs in the EP, "Bigger, Stronger", turned out to be highly acclaimed by the U.K. press, leading the band to earn an appearance at In The City music festival for the unsigned band in September 1998 in Manchester. However, it was their performance at London's Camden Falcon on December 7 that attracted Simon Williams, the New Express Magazine's (NME) major journalist and also co founder of an indie label named Fierce Panda Records. Williams then offered the band to record under his label, thus their ...



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