Cliff Curtis Filmography

  • Cliff Curtis
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Clifford Vivian Devon Curtis
    • Birth Date : July 27, 1968
    • Birth Place : Rotorua, New Zealand
    • Spouse : (since 2009)
    • Claim to Fame : As Porourangi in "Whale Rider" (2002)
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  • Risen (2016) aka "Clavius"
  • Fear the Walking Dead (2015) TV stars as Sean Cabrera
  • Last Knights (2015) stars as Lt. Cortez
  • Gang Related (2014) TV stars as Javier Acosta
  • The Dark Horse2014 stars as Genesis
  • Missing (2012) TV stars as Dax Miller
  • A Thousand Words (2012) stars as Dr. Sinja
  • Body of Proof (2011) TV stars as Agent Derek Ames
  • Colombiana (2011) stars as Emilio Restrepo
  • The Last Airbender (2010) aka The Legend of Aang stars as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Push (2009) stars as Hook Waters
  • Crossing Over (2009) stars as Hamid Baraheri
  • Trauma (2009) TV stars as Reuben 'Rabbit' Palchuck
  • 10,000 B.C. (2008) stars as Tic'Tic
  • Live Free or Die Hard (2007) aka Die Hard 4.0 stars as Bowman
  • Fracture (2007) aka Das perfekte Verbrechen (Germany) stars as Detective Flores
  • Sunshine (2007) stars as Searle
  • The Fountain (2006) stars as Captain Ariel
  • River Queen2005 stars as Wiremu
  • The Pool (2005) stars as Husband
  • Heinous Crime2004 stars as Pizza delivery man
  • Spooked2004 stars as Mort Whitman
  • Fracture (2004) stars as Detective Franklin
  • Traffic2004 TV aka Traffic: The Miniseries stars as Adam Kadyrov
  • Runaway Jury (2003) stars as Frank Herrera
  • Whale Rider2002 aka Te kaieke tohora stars as Porourangi
  • Point of Origin2002 TM aka In the Heat of Fire stars as Mike Camello
  • Collateral Damage2002 stars as Claudio Perrini
  • Blow2001 stars as Pablo Escobar
  • Training Day2001 stars as Smiley
  • The Majestic2001 stars as The Evil But Handsome Prince Khalid
  • Jubilee2000 stars as Billy Williams
  • The Insider1999 stars as Sheikh Fadlallah
  • Bringing Out the Dead1999 stars as Cy Coates
  • Three Kings1999 stars as Amir Abdulah
  • Virus1999 aka Virus - Schiff ohne Wiederkehr (Germany) stars as Hiko
  • The Chosen1998 TM stars as Father Tahere
  • Deep Rising1998 stars as Mamooli
  • Six Days Seven Nights1998 aka 6 Days 7 Nights stars as Kip
  • City Life1996 TV stars as Daniel Freeman
  • Mananui1996
  • Chicken1996 stars as Zeke
  • Mysterious Island1995 TV stars as Peter
  • Kahu & Maia1994
  • Rapa Nui1994 stars as Short Ears
  • Once Were Warriors1994 stars as Bully
  • Hercules in the Underworld1994 TM stars as Nessus
  • Desperate Remedies1993 stars as Fraser
  • The Piano1993 aka La lecon de piano (France) stars as Mana
  • Undercover1991 TM stars as Zip