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Bruce Lee Filmography

Bruce Lee


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Lee Jun Fan

Birth Date :

November 27, 1940

Birth Place :

San Francisco, California, USA

Claim to fame :

As Lee in movie "Enter the Dragon" (1973)
Si wang ta (1981) aka Game of Death II
stars as Billy Lo/Lee Chen-Chiang

Game of Death (1978) aka Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death
stars as Billy Lo

Fury of the Dragon (1976)
stars as Kato

Enter the Dragon (1973) aka The Deadly Three
stars as Lee

Meng long guojiang (1972) aka Return of the Dragon
stars as Tang Lung (a.k.a. Dragon)

Jing wu men (1972) aka The Iron Hand
stars as Chen Zhen

Qi lin zhang (1972) aka Bruce Lee and I

Tang shan da xiong (1971) aka Fists of Fury
stars as Cheng Chao-an

Longstreet (1971) - TV
stars as Tsung, Li

Marlowe (1969)
stars as Winslow Wong

The Green Hornet (1966) - TV aka The Kato Show
stars as Kato

Ren hai gu hong (1960) aka The Orphan
stars as Ah San

Lei yu (1957)
stars as aka The Thunderstorm

Zha dian na fu (1956)

Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia (1956)

Ai (1955) aka Love

Gu er xing (1955)

Gu xing xue lei (1955)

Er nu zhai (1955) aka We Owe It to Our Children (Hong Kong: English title)

Ai xia ji (1955) aka Love Part 2
stars as aka Love Part 2

Ku hai ming deng (1953) aka The Guiding Light

Ci mu lei (1953) aka A Mother's Tears

Wei lou chun xiao (1953) aka In the Face of Demolition

Qian wan ren jia (1953)

Fu zhi guo (1953) aka It's Father's Fault

Ren zhi cu (1951) aka The Birth of Mankind

Xi lu xiang (1950) aka The Kid
stars as Lee Siu Lung

Meng li xi shi (1949) aka Sai See in the Dream (Hong Kong: English title)
stars as Yam Lee

Fu gui fu yun (1948)
stars as aka Wealth Is Like a Dream

The Birth of Mankind (1946)

Golden Gate Girl (1941)
stars as Infant



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