Bo Bice Trivia

  • Bo Bice
    • Famous as : Singer and musician
    • Birth Name : Harold Elwin Bice Jr.
    • Birth Date : November 01, 1975
    • Birth Place : Huntsville, Alabama, USA
    • Spouse : Caroline Fisher (since 15-Jun-05)
    • Claim to Fame : Runner-up in "American Idol" season 4


  • Was diagnosed with intussusception, an intestinal condition found mostly in young children and which he may have had since he was born, causing him to cancel concert dates (Oct 2006).
  • His grandmother, "Granny Madge", appeared on promos for American Idol on Fox in his hometown, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Admitting his parents as his heroes in life.
  • Has two lucky charms, which is cross his mom given to him and a shield he keeps in his pocket from England.
  • Loves to cook.
  • Describes an American Idol as talented, good spirit who is dedicated to their craft.
  • Once fell off stage during a show.
  • His favorite male pop artist is Matchbox Twenty, while Sheryl Crow is his female favorite.
  • Was charged with cocaine possession (June, 2001) and marijuana possession (July, 2003) before he auditioned for Idol. Yet, he was allowed to remain in the competition after he forthcoming to Idol producers about the arrests.
  • Always pray everytime before he performs.
  • Making his mother as his American idol.
  • To own a guitar store is his personal goal in life.
  • Is able to play piano, guitar, bass, sax, harmonica and write songs, and has a recording studio at home.
  • Auditioned for American Idol in Orlando, Florida.
  • Has ever had a formal singing training in high school choir.
  • Admits to have started singing since he first could talk.
  • Has ever performed with such rock groups, as Purge, Blue Suede Nickel, and Sugar Money, for last mentioned he was the band's lead singer.
  • Ever did the opening for Blackfoot and Warrant, also performing live and recording with Johnny Neal of The Allman Brothers Band.
  • Turned professional and performed in shows all across the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, soon as he graduated from high school.
  • Has already won a local school competition when he was only 9.
  • Was nicknamed "Bogart" by his family because when he was a child he looked like actor Humphrey Bogart. The name was later shortened to "Bo."