Antonio Sabato Jr. Filmography

  • Antonio Sabato Jr.
    • Famous as : Actor, model
    • Birth Name : Antonio G. Sabato Jr.
    • Birth Date : March 01, 1972
    • Birth Place : Rome, Italy
    • Spouse : Tully Jensen (model/actress, 16-May-92 - 1993), Cheryl Moana Marie (singer-songwriter, since 25-September)
    • Claim to Fame : As Jagger Cates in soap opera "General Hospital" (1992-1994)
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  • Little Women, Big Cars2012 stars as A.J.
  • God Reschedules Rapture2011
  • Balls to the Wall (2011) stars as Uncle Sven
  • Princess of Mars2009 VI stars as John Carter
  • Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas2009 stars as Henry
  • Ghost Voyage2008 TM stars as Michael
  • General Hospital: Night Shift2008 TV stars as Jagger Cates
  • Mysterious2007 aka "Sirens of the Caribbean" stars as Michael
  • Destination: Infestation2007 TM aka "Swarm" stars as Ethan Hart
  • Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape2007 TM stars as Greg Vlasi
  • Deadly Skies2005 TV stars as Donovan
  • Crash Landing2005 stars as Masters
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (2005) TV aka "Belleza y poder" (Spanish) stars as Dante Damiano
  • The Help2004 TV stars as Dwayne, the Trainer
  • Testosterone2003 aka Testosterona (Argentina) stars as Pablo Alesandro
  • Bugs2003 TV stars as Matt Pollack
  • Wasabi Tuna2003 stars as Fredrico
  • See Jane Date2003 TV stars as Timothy Rommelly
  • Hyper Sonic2002 stars as Grant Irvine
  • Seconds to Spare2002 TV stars as Paul Blake
  • Dead Above Ground2002 stars as Sgt. Dan DeSousa
  • Shark Hunter2001 stars as Spencer Northcut
  • Mindstorm2001 aka Projet Mindstorm, Le (Canada: French title) stars as Dan Oliver
  • Longshot2000 aka Jack of All Trades stars as Tommy Sutton
  • Vola Sciusci¨2000 TV aka The Savior of San Nicola stars as Tony
  • Wolverine2000 stars as Harry Gordini
  • Guilty as Charged2000 TV aka The Base II stars as Lt. John Murphy
  • Final Ascent2000 TV aka Final Descent stars as David
  • The Chaos Factor2000 stars as Jack Poynt
  • Goosed1999 stars as Dr. Steven Stevenson
  • Tribe1999 TV stars as Jack Osborne
  • Fatal Error1999 TV aka Reaper stars as Nick Baldwin
  • The Perfect Getaway1998 TV stars as Randy Savino
  • Circles1998 stars as Jeremy Bonner
  • The Big Hit1998 stars as Vince
  • Padre papÓ1998 TV aka Geliebte und der Priester, Die (Germany) stars as Don Giuseppe
  • High Voltage1997 stars as Johnny Clay
  • If Looks Could Kill1996 TV aka If Looks Could Kill: The John Hawkins Story stars as John Hawkins
  • Thrill1996 TV stars as Jack Colson
  • Code Name: Wolverine1996 TV stars as Harry Gordini
  • Her Hidden Truth1995 TV stars as Det. Matt Samoni
  • Earth 21994 TV stars as Alonzo Solace
  • Earth 21994 TV stars as Alonzo Solace
  • Jailbreakers1994 TV stars as Tony
  • Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter?1993 TV stars as A.J. Treece
  • Melrose Place (1992) TV stars as Jack Parezi
  • Se non avessi l'amore1991 TV stars as Pier Giorgio Frassati
  • Fuga da Kayenta1991 aka Tortilla Road (Italy) stars as Emiliano
  • Ragazzo delle mani d'acciaio, Il1990 aka Karate Rock stars as Kevin Foster
  • Born to Race1988 stars as Enrico Lombardo
  • General Hospital (1963) TV stars as Jagger Cates (1992-1994, 1995)